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Arma3 news:

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/871eca9a16ea002d5756ad207701af9899f494fa.jpg Hi all, This year, we celebrated our 8th anniversary, and - thanks to the live ops team, Creator DLC developers, but, above all, our splendid™ community of players and content creators - Arma 3 is still going strong! In support of this achievement, we'd like to call in another strategic strike by asking you to nominate Arma 3 for the Labor of Love category in the 2021 Steam Awards. All you'll need to do is tap the checkbox in the voting widget above - or, if that doesn't show for you, then cast your vote(s) by visiting the Steam Awards nominations page. Thank you! o7
{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/36a385c0c62bcb14ad05b6ce3b5ff105d17c74b9.jpg The Steam Autumn Sale is here! Treat yourself or surprise a friend with some of the best deals on Arma 3 and its DLC as of yet. The sale will end on Wednesday December 1st. Arma 3 base game - 75% off Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox. Authentic, diverse, open - Arma 3 sends you to war. Arma 3 DLC & expansions - 66% off Reinforce your Arma 3 game with additional terrains, factions, weapons, vehicles, gear, campaigns, scenarios, and more. Arma 3 bundles If you're new to Arma 3 or are looking to complete your collection in one go, then check out these Steam bundles: Arma 3 Ultimate Edition - Arma 3 base game and all Bohemia-developed Arma 3 DLC/expansions Arma 3 DLC Essentials - all Arma 3 DLC except for the Apex/Contact expansions and Creator DLC Arma 3 Apex Edition - Arma 3 base game, Apex expansion, and Karts/Helicopters/Marksmen DLC Arma 3 Contact Edition - Arma 3 base game and Contact Expansion The bundles give you all of the individual product discounts in this sale, plus an additional 10-15% bundle discount. Arma 3 Creator DLC Take Arma 3 into earlier decades with discounts on these DLC packs made by external third-party developers.
FROM: Rotators Collective TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users UNIT: Western Sahara ACTIVITY: Update 1.01 (Hotfix for version 1.0) SIZE: ~1.9 GB More information in the full changelog
{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/decbaf6ea168ae5a5491bea69318f96ae59e4f65.png Together with third-party developer Rotators Collective, we're announcing today the release of the Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara. The new content is presented in a trailer. Set in the year 2036, Western Sahara takes you to Sefrou-Ramal – a province in the fictional country of Argana. This region has been a hotbed of conflict for many years due to rival tribes, underfunded peacekeeping forces, and a foreign military presence. Here, you will be able to choose from several official singleplayer and/or multiplayer scenarios. This includes the open-world scenario "Extraction", which brings back the "ION Services" private military company faction from Arma 2 for a combat search and rescue mission. The DLC also provides new weapons, vehicle variants, clothing, and gear. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/0974e3a0dd1f9077171f60ed9c7245972099d505.jpg The Western Sahara DLC is now available on Steam for $6.99 USD (€6.99 EUR / £5.99 GBP). If you purchase the DLC within the first week of its release (before November 25), you will receive a 15% launch discount (price with discount applied: $5.94 USD / €5.94 EUR / £5.09 GBP). The Arma 3 base game is currently on sale at 75% off. Key features of the Western Sahara DLC: 100 km2 Sefrou-Ramal terrain Armed forces: ION Services, SFIA, Tura, UNA, NATO Desert 4 weapons & 1 static weapon 9 vehicle variants Gun drone, portable ballistic shield, various masks Open-world scenario: "Extraction" (singleplayer and co-op multiplayer) Multiplayer mode: "King of the Dunes" (competitive multiplayer) Multiplayer mode: "Last Stand" (co-op multiplayer) Showcase: "ION Weapon Systems" (singleplayer scenario) 2 time trial races (singleplayer challenges) Various additional content {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/a2c591b38927318ffc3f4b8d038be1118735541f.jpg Visit the DLC's store page for a full overview of the content. To keep track of all the latest Arma 3 news, be sure to follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Steam. See you in-game! Bohemia Interactive & Rotators Collective Frequently Asked Questions What is Arma 3 Creator DLC? Creator DLC is a label for original Arma 3 projects made by third-party developers and published by Bohemia Interactive. This program enables external talent to earn a financial reward for their work, while players get to enjoy more new quality content. For more information, please visit the Arma 3 website. Why is Creator DLC optional to install? We have decided to make it optional to have the Creator DLC data installed. This is mainly to avoid regular Arma 3 installations from requiring a lot more additional hard-drive storage, even for those who have not purchased a Creator DLC. Additionally, a Creator DLC's theme or setting might be very different from regular Arma 3 or not everyone might want it to be visible in their game. H...
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Game Mini-Update 2.06 (Creator DLC Support) SIZE: ~58 MB / ~18 MB (depends on Contact ownership) More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/d84b588ab41c746692906770c1d8e4e56bdf1bc7.png The leaves are dropping, and so is a new Community Radar! 🍂 Click here to see some great Arma 3 community content: Full COMRAD
Publisher Bohemia Interactive and third-party developer Rotators Collective are announcing today the upcoming release of a new Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara. In this new DLC, you will take on the role of private military contractors and be deployed to a new desert sandbox terrain. Besides more content creation opportunities in the Arma 3 scenario editor, the Western Sahara DLC will offer several official scenarios and game modes to choose from. One of these is the open-world scenario "Extraction", which can be played in singleplayer or in co-op online multiplayer with up to four players. The scenario offers players the opportunity to serve as an operator for the ION Services private military company who are sent on a combat search and rescue mission after a war correspondent has been taken captive somewhere in the fictional war-torn desert province of Sefrou-Ramal. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/c09025dd24befa595534591cd78b95ed9fbd9058.jpg Key features of the Western Sahara Creator DLC include: Sefrou-Ramal Terrain (100 km2) - Composed of completely new assets, as well as upgraded structures and objects from Arma 2 and Arma 3, Sefrou-Ramal is a province in the northeast of fictional Argana and is characterized by flowing sand dunes and desert architecture. Armed Forces - UNA peacekeepers, Sefrawi Freedom and Independence Army, Tura tribe insurgents, desert NATO forces, and the return of the private military company ION Services. 4 Weapons & 1 Static Weapon - IMIL GALAT and Velko R4 automatic rifle, SLR rifle, XMS bullpup rifle, and a fully remastered Arma 2 static weapon, the ZU-23 anti-air gun. 9 Vehicle Variants - New variants of existing Arma 3 vehicles such as the Zamak truck, AMV-7 Marshall Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Offroad pickup truck, and PO-30 Orca helicopter. Equipment - A gun drone with a modular weapon attachment system, a portable ballistic shield, and a variety of masks like dust goggles, a military-style headset, a ballistic mask, and more. Open-World Scenario: "Extraction" - Search for intel and clues to return a kidnapped war correspondent to safety in a sandbox scenario featuring dynamically randomized contracts, which can be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer co-op with up to 4 players. Multiplayer Mode: "King of the Dunes" - An original spin on the popular community-made sector control multiplayer game mode “King of the Hill”. Multiplayer Mode: "Last Stand" - Defend against waves of enemies in a new co-op game mode for up to 4 players. Showcase: "ION Weapon Systems" - A VR training environment to test gear in various scenarios and prepare ION operatives for deployment. 2 Time Trial Races - Race across the Sefrawi sand dunes in the Vrana-Redstone Dune Rally. Additional Content - A digital camera, dromedary camel, refugee tents, and various new structures and props. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/5e81cf8f9f9d59bb2e44c73276dd43eb864b700d.jpg The Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara...
FROM: Savage Game Design TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users UNIT: S.O.G. Prairie Fire ACTIVITY: Update 1.1 Hotfix SIZE: ~5.6 GB More information in the full changelog (edited)
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Game Update 2.06 (Modded Keybindings, Zeus Compositions, Scripting Support) SIZE: ~1.1 GB / ~213 MB (depends on Contact ownership) More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
Arma 3's latest creator DLC, SOG Prairie Fire, takes the sandbox game back to the Vietnam war. The third party developer that created the DLC, Savage Game Design, has just released a major content update for SOG Prairie Fire that adds in the US Navy SEALs, a bunch of new weapons and vehicles, and a huge new map of the Khe Sanh area in Vietnam's Quảng Trị province to the sandbox game. The star of the show is the new Khe Sanh map, which includes about 225 square kilometres of varied terrain in and around the village of Khe Sanh. The patch also adds some new multiplayer scenarios set on the map, so you'll have a chance to explore along with some squadmates. The 1.1 patch also adds a new faction, the US Navy SEALs, who come with some new uniforms and weapons. There are some fetching swim trunks and dive masks for scuba missions, as well as the Mk. 1 underwater defence gun - talk about wet work, right? Of course, there are also the M1A1 and M1928 Tommy guns, the commando and LMG variants of the M63A, the MPU machine pistol, and others. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Arma 3 latest Global Mobilization update adds heavy duty artillery and nukes New Arma 3 DLC brings the the Vietnam War to the military tactical shooter Arma 3's new DLC is a trip to the museum

Rust news:

Earlier this month, esteemed Rust YouTuber Shadowfrax posted a video looking into an upcoming feature Facepunch has been testing for its flagship survival game: server transitions. The idea behind this, as the 'frax explained at the time, is that players will be able to "move between servers with an as-yet-to-be-confirmed quantity of gear and items" by hopping into a seaworthy craft and venturing out to maps' edges. Now, we've got our first peep at what this might look like in action. "I'm excited to show you some actual server transitioning - yes, me boldly going between servers," Shadowfrax says in his latest clip covering Rust's work-in-progress features (below). The YouTuber got to test the feature "on a limited scale" as it functions right now, with two servers linked up in his dummy-run example. You can see the other from your current server as depicted by a rough outline of an island in the distance, across the sea. If you hop in a boat and zoom towards the island you'll soon get a pop-up message as you near the map's edges, which tells you how much further you need to travel before you'll hit the other server. If you keep on barrelling in that direction, you'll then connect to the other server. So, it sounds like it'll be easy-peasy to use. "It appears that right now there's no restriction on what you can take with you in your inventory," Shadowfrax also says, though only boats let you server-hop in at the moment. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust skins - here are this week's new items Rust gets a permanent in-game store with "premium" cosmetics Rust's November update brings desert bases and new rocket launching system
The Steam Awards are upon us once again and this year we’d like to get your nominations in the `Labor of Love` category by clicking to vote above! We think the description of the award sums up Rust perfectly, Rust is our baby, quite a big baby at nearly 8 years old but we still continue to spend every day helping it grow, there’s been joy and tears and many sleepless nights but we still strive to bring out fresh content every month for you, our players, to enjoy. Looking at just the last 12 months, we’ve bought you Tech Trees as another way of researching the items you need, The Marketplace in safe zones so you can efficiently purchase from vending machines using drones, The Freight Transit line and train carts for a new way of exploring and traversing the map, The Poker Table and Slot Machines as a new way of earning more of that precious scrap, Gestures for new ways of expressing yourself along with the Contact System to sort out friend from foe, A World Revamp which brought new life into your surroundings including monuments, rocks, flora and fauna. We made the ocean a new place for adventure, submarines to get around and new underwater monuments with Labs to visit and earn loot from along with threats from the newly added sharks or you could just sit and relax with a bit of fishing to stock your food supplies. Each month we bring a whole host of Improvements, balances and fixes mostly from the feedback we get from you, without you there wouldn’t be the passion we have for making the game what it is today and we look forward to bringing you another year of planned updates and many more to come.
Rust has just got a new feature that lets you pick up "premium" cosmetics around the clock, without worrying that limited-time windows will expire before you can nab them. The survival game has now got a permanent in-game store featuring items and skins that are always available to buy - and Facepunch has released a new batch of stuff to kick things off, too. "We've found over the years that players really value being able to choose different skins and items to enjoy Rust, like the Spacesuit hazmat skin, or fun seasonal stuff like Christmas lights or fireworks packs," the studio announces in a news post. "We're also very aware that Rust has grown in popularity but many new players won't be aware that they have these options." The idea behind launching this new range of evergreen offerings is to have a core range of cosmetics that all players can "buy and use to have more fun with Rust", regardless of when they started with the game. Additionally, the devs view the store as a way to experiment with cosmetics that they reckon players might dig, and a good place to stick them. The post explains that the Rust team often has ideas for new items and skins but doesn't have an obvious outlet for them, with some not being "big enough to justify a DLC pack" or in-keeping with a monthly update's theme. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust's November update brings desert bases and new rocket launching system Rust will let you trick or treat for an M249 Rust gets NPC mission-givers
Survival game Rust takes place on an island surrounded by ocean, but what happens if you hop on a boat and head out to sea? Right now, your boat despawns and you get dunked in the water to die, though that will apparently change at some point in the future... Read more.
Store Update - Nomad Suit Today we're excited to announce the launch of Rust's permanent in-game store. The new store will feature premium cosmetic items and skins. To kick things off we're releasing the Nomad skin. The Nomad skin is a hazmat reskin replacement that can be applied when crafting the hazmat suit or by placing the hazmat suit into a repair bench. Additionally, we're also launching some new items such as new lights, underwear and even a used sofa. We received a lot of feedback and comments after the recent store announcement so we'd like to address them here: Why launch this now? We've found over the years that players really value being able to choose different skins and items to enjoy Rust, like the Spacesuit hazmat skin, or fun seasonal stuff like Christmas lights or fireworks packs. We're also very aware that Rust has grown in popularity but many new players won't be aware that they have these options. Our idea is to expand that by having a core offering of permanently available, premium, cosmetic items and skins items that all players (new and old) can buy and use to have more fun with Rust. It also gives us more scope to experiment with things we think you'll like - we often have ideas for skins and items but they haven't always found a place (e.g. not big enough to justify a DLC pack, don't fit a monthly themed update). Will you still do limited availability skins and DLC? Yes, we'll still regularly launch timed-availability skins and items, especially working with Rust community creators, as well as our DLC packs (Instruments, Sunburn and Voice Props). Will the new skins and items be tradeable? No, at present items and skins sold on the permanent store will not be able to resold on the Steam marketplace and hold no resale monetary value, nor can these items be traded on Steam. This is to help differentiate them from the other types of skins/items we've sold in the past and will still sell. We're going to keep all this under review. Will there be more items coming to the new store? Yes! We'll be releasing more over the coming months and getting feedback from you on what works and what doesn't. Other stuff worth knowing Items on the permanent store may be discounted or discontinued at a later date but we'll give you a heads up when we plan to make this happen. We look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions. Additional Store items In addition to the Nomad Hazmat skin we're releasing the following items: Sofa - Pattern A beat up, used, stained, discarded sofa with a floral pattern. Still comfortable, though. Coconut underwear Sets of island underwear made form coconuts, leaves, and grass. Comes in 2 variations No crafting r...
Rust's November update will give players a new reason to watch the skies, because after today those skies might be filled with up to a dozen rockets screaming toward your base and/or face. The November update adds military bases to the map, and each base has a missile-launching vehicle that can be used to rain death and destruction onto a specifically targeted area... Read more.
DESERT MILITARY BASES We added fully procedural Military bases containing the MLRS equipment this update, these will be different on every server, every wipe. They are built from a pool of individual modules and fill 4 different templates. Each has a few points of entry, regular loot with a sprinkle of oil and you will face some resistance from scientists as well. MLRS The new Desert Military Base monuments each have a parked Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). This vehicle doesn't move - you won't be driving it around the map - but it can be set up to fire rockets to any target. Except safe zones, naturally. These MLRS rockets can do significant damage to bases. They can be countered by SAM sites, but a full barrage of 12 rockets will only be mostly repelled by two SAM sites, and completely fought off by three. Using the MLRS 1. First you'll need to acquire an MLRS Aiming Module which can be found in locked hackable crates and one to twelve MLRS rockets that are found in elite, APC and Attack helicopter crates. 2. Interact with the back of the MLRS and insert your rockets. 3. Get in the MLRS and open the Aiming Module slot, and insert your aiming module, which will activate the weapon systems. 4. Interact with the targeting screen and set your desired target. You can click-and-drag to move the map around, and click to place the target. If you've set a marker on the main map view earlier, it'll show up here as a red marker, which should help with targeting bases. A red crosshair indicates where you want to aim. A white circle indicates where the MLRS will actually hit. These will usually match, but can differ if the MLRS is still moving its aim into position, or if there's an obstacle in the way. The MLRS shoots high in the air, so mountains and so on won't usually be a problem, but the white circle will show you if they are. The target circle shows the total area that might be damaged by an MLRS attack - not all rockets will hit the exact same spot, though there is a bias towards the centre of the circle. No damage will be done outside of the target circle area. 5. Press button to fire. The MLRS will shoot all the rockets you have loaded, and break down for 10 minutes (or whatever the brokenDownMinutes console variable is set to). Improvements & Fixes Highlights Painting Undo - Added undo & redo support for painting Ma...
Rust's November 2021 update is nearly here, and developer Facepunch has now revealed what's coming the survival game's way with it. There are two major additions this month, which are aimed at letting players set themselves up with military bases in the desert and then blowing enemies ("or anyone nearby") to smithereens. With the November update, Rust is getting "fully procedural military bases" which will be different on every server, every server wipe, Facepunch explains in a press release. These bases' structures and layouts draw from a pool of individual modules and will fill four different templates. In each you'll find "a few" places of entry and some "regular regular loot with a sprinkle of oil". Apparently, the scientists that hang about by the bases won't be thrilled to see players approach, though, so be prepared to face resistance from them. Perhaps most importantly, at each desert military base monument you'll find a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) parked up. This is a vehicle that you can use to fire off up to 12 rockets at any target - not including safe zones, of course - which can pack a serious punch against bases and "unprotected targets of opportunity (hello, zerg hordes)". SAM sites can counter these to some extent, but you'll need multiple of them to completely fight off a full barrage of 12 rockets - two SAM sites can only partially repel this many, though three sites should do the trick if faces with the full whack. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust will let you trick or treat for an M249 Rust gets NPC mission-givers Rust is getting supply drop changes that'll make them a lot easier to spot
Happy Halloween! The Rust Halloween event is upon us! We've released a mandatory patch containing lots of spooky features, enabled the Trick or Treat event, NPC scarecrows and much more! This year we've added a new addition to the Halloween event: Frankenstein's monster! To get started building your own monster first you must slay scarecrows and mummies which roam the lands. Once you've collected a head, torso and legs. Craft yourself a Frankenstein's table and place the body parts within the table, awaken your new pet monster and control it by pressing "P". The monster will follow your orders without question. It'll follow you around the map, defend you if attacked and help slay foes you wish to attack. If you're having trouble accessing the pet menu or already have a key bound to "P" then use the following console command: bind X +pets Trick Or Treat Event Once roughly every two in-game days, a candy hunt event will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many candies as you can. The top 3 players are given special loot bags as a reward. These candies and loot bags can be opened for various types of loot ranging from scrap all the way up to an M249! If you don't make the podium, that's okay. The Candies you collect can be upgraded for better loot. There are various items available to help you during your hunt. The Pumpkin Bucket will allow instant pickup of candies and the Scarecrow Wrap and ghost costume will provide you with advantage via Candy Vision. The Halloween event will run until November 4th. Have fun! New Halloween Items This year we've added two new Halloween themed items to the Rust store. Skull Rock Through many years of research, it was discovered skulls are just as good at gathering resources as rocks. The Skull can now be purchased at the Rust item store. Pumpkin Carving Display your artistic side with the new carvable pumpkin item. The carvable pumpkin can now be purchased at the Rust item store. We're also running a pumpkin carving competition! Halloween items Last years Halloween items have been raised from the dead, head over to the Rust item store. There is also a bunch of Halloween themed skins on the Rust Item Store! Also, Rust is part of the Steam Halloween Sale so now is the perfect time to get your friends involved at a discounted price!
It's almost Halloween, and plenty of games are getting into the spooky spirit. That includes Rust, which is getting a special Halloween update with loads of seasonal hijinks to get up to. You'll be able to carve pumpkins and build Frankensteinian monstrosities, but maybe the most exciting bit is that you'll be able to trick or treat for guns. Once the Halloween update lands on October 28, a candy hunt event will run every two in-game days. You'll have three minutes to collect all the candy you can, and the top three players will get loot bags. You can pop open both the candy and loot bags for "various types of loot ranging from scrap all the way up to an M249", as the devs explain in a press release, or you can upgrade those candies for better loot as you go. You can grab a pumpkin bucket for instant candy pickup or a scarecrow wrap for candy vision, too. Speaking of pumpkins, there are also carvable pumpkins here, which look like they provide much more robust carving options than the old jack-o-lantern items. The devs will be running a pumpkin carving contest offering £75 worth of skins and two Rust DLC keys to the winner - you'll be able to get more details on that contest on the official site as of October 28. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust gets NPC mission-givers Rust is getting supply drop changes that'll make them a lot easier to spot Rust has a whole bunch of quality-of-life changes coming up


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