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Arma3 news:

FROM: CSLA Studio TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users UNIT: CSLA Iron Curtain ACTIVITY: CDLC Hotfix #2 SIZE: ~2 GB More information in the full changelog
Welcome to the Arma 3 Summer Sale! Between now and July 8, you can pick up the Arma 3 base game, Arma 3 Apex expansion, and all other Arma 3 DLC or expansions, with mega discounts of up to 75%. To experience everything Arma 3 has to offer – or if you're simply looking to complete your Arma 3 (DLC) collection – check out the Arma 3 Ultimate Edition for extra bundle offers, or the following items on offer: Save a whopping $188 on this full Arma birthday treatment. That's 80% off in case you don't have a calculator handy. Get the entire series collection as we celebrate 20 years of Arma, including the original Arma: Cold War Assault and more: Be sure to try out our Creator DLC as well: For even more in-game assets, scenarios, mods, and other types of content, do also visit the Arma 3 Steam Workshop, where you'll find 70,000+ free Workshop items shared by our talented content creators. To get in touch with other members in our community, you can always jump into the Arma Discord server, head over to the /r/arma subreddit and Bohemia forums, or join one of thousands community groups via Arma 3 Units. And... you know the drill: be sure to follow Arma 3 on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and right here on Steam. Enjoy the weekend – take care, stay safe, and see you all in-game!
FROM: CSLA Studio TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users UNIT: CSLA Iron Curtain ACTIVITY: CDLC Hotfix #1 SIZE: ~1.4 GB More information in the full changelog
In April, Arma 3 went to Vietnam with the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC that added a range of new weapons and vehicles from the era as well as a new map based on a fictionalized version of the Vietnam War's entire area of operations. New DLC released today, CSLA Iron Curtain, also takes players back into the past, but not quite as far and in an entirely different region: The 1980s border between Czechoslovakia and the Federal Republic of Germany... Read more.
{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/191da526ac8df857437fed24a7adb39d6aaa5209.png In collaboration with third-party developer CSLA Studio, we are proud to release the Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain today! The DLC is available for purchase on Steam for $12.99 USD / €12.99 EUR / £10.99 GBP, and early adopters will receive a 10% discount in the first week of its release. Key features include: 256 km2 terrain - Original landlocked map called "Gabreta" with deep forests, windswept mountains, calm valleys, a railway network, and various military outposts. 3 factions - Cold War era armed forces of the United States and Czechoslovakia, as well as local rebel fighters. 35 weapons (incl. variants) - A mix of classic pistols, rifles, and launchers (with a large variety of weapon attachments), including the FAL and Sa-58 assault rifles, XM177 carbine, and M1911 pistol. 52 vehicles (incl. variants) - Various ground, air, and water vehicles such as the T-72 Main Battle Tank, M113 and OT-62 APCs, and Mi-17 and UH-60 transport helicopters. 19 scenarios - 9 singleplayer scenarios depicting various armed confrontations in the Gabreta region, 1 singleplayer Showcase scenario, and 9 multiplayer scenarios (Zeus, Warlords, co-op, team deathmatch, and more). {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/060f1c8d69ba9433f0a09c787e0544cef02e8116.jpg In the CSLA Iron Curtain Creator DLC, players are taken back to the Cold War era of the 1980's, and explore what life in Czechoslovakia and its heavily-guarded border with the Federal Republic of Germany could have been like if an armed conflict had ever come between the East and the West. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/1a8d94f35b5343c5586a0078c71ccc74b60c2cc2.jpg CSLA Studio has published a 'compatibility data pack for non-owners' via the Steam Workshop, which enables those who do not own the CSLA Iron Curtain DLC to still play on multiplayer servers that make use of its content. However, the DLC's terrain and singleplayer scenarios remain exclusive to owners of the DLC. Restrictions to the use of non-owned content also apply. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/99fbe5f9c5a0c7bd7516334fefe65f1ba1dee0f7.jpg CSLA (or ČSLA) is an abbreviation for "Československá lidová armáda" in Czech and "Československá ľudová armáda" in Slovak. It refers to the Czechoslovak People's Army, which were the armed forces of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic from 1954 until 1990. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/929b1c983cfc8ac90e7f9a41e5c725603a81b0b2.jpg Developer CSLA Studio will share further development news and updates via their website, Twitter account, and Facebook page. More information about the Arma 3 Creator DLC program can be found on Creator DLC website.
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Game Mini-Update 2.04 (Creator DLC Support) SIZE: ~21.8 MB / ~10.1 MB (depends on Contact ownership) More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
FROM: Savage Game Design TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users UNIT: S.O.G. Prairie Fire ACTIVITY: CDLC Update v1.01.006333 SIZE: ~200 MB More information in the full changelog
{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/ec38ee2347a397f3d0bbe907f3ae4c42c3ca6398.png Welcome to The Nam. Together with its third-party developer Savage Game Design, we’re thrilled to announce that the Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire is officially OUT NOW! The S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC transports you back to the Vietnam War and delivers a historic take on Arma 3's military sandbox. Key features include: 300 km2 Cam Lao Nam terrain 4 factions 50+ weapons 50+ vehicles & static weapons Multiplayer co-op campaign (up to 14 players) 9 multiplayer scenarios 5 singleplayer scenarios New sounds & sound effects New music New unique gameplay modules New objects and buildings {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/8f0afe9941a260005d224bcb76e18dbf50e8b173.jpg Furthermore, S.O.G. Prairie Fire supports 8 of Arma 3's more popular community-made game modes at launch, all of which were prepared in collaboration with their original authors. Find more information at {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/d01447a658ebfcb4232cb26dd7b04d6b37db0c66.jpg If you purchase the DLC right now, you'll get a 15% discount on the S.O.G. Prairie Fire's regular price ($22.99 USD / €22.99 EUR / £19.99 GBP). This time-limited offer lasts until May 13. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/c65d080789f8ef63ac57df1ef6bd9ec65824d312.jpg And when you don't own Arma 3 yet, now's a great time to jump in. We're currently offering 75% off the base game and up to 66% off other Arma 3 DLC’s. Oh, one more thing: in case you'd like to listen to S.O.G. Prairie Fire’s atmospheric music outside of the game itself, you can also purchase the soundtrack separately in high-quality digital format over on Steam here. See you in-game! Bohemia Interactive & Savage Game Design Frequently Asked Questions What is Arma 3 Creator DLC? Creator DLC is a label for original Arma 3 projects made by third-party developers and published by Bohemia Interactive. This program enables external talent to earn a financial reward for their work, while players get to enjoy more new quality content. For more information, please visit the Arma 3 website. Why is Creator DLC optional to install? We have decided to make it optional to have the Creator DLC data installed. This is mainly to avoid regular Arma 3 installations from requiring a lot more additional hard-drive storage, even for those who have not purchased Creator DLC. The second reason is that a Creator DLC's theme or setting might be very different from regular Arma 3 and not everyone might want it to be visible in their game. How do I launch S.O.G. Prairie Fire? You will need to visit the DLC section in the Arma 3 Launcher, make sure S.O.G. Prairie Fire is owned and loaded, then launch the game by clicking the PLAY button. Can I still play together with people who do not own the DLC in multiplaye...
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Game Update 2.04 (Audio Options, SQF Bytecode, Creator DLC Support) SIZE: ~765 MB / ~104 MB (depends on Contact ownership) More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
We're approaching the eight years since hardcore military simulation game Arma III launched on PC, and it's still getting new content to fuel player's war game fantasies. The latest DLC pack is called S.O.G. Prairie Fire, and it will be set during the Vietnam War. It will feature a brand new 300 km2 map, four factions, and all of the weapons and vehicles you could want to fill this sandbox shooter. Prairie Fire is a 'creator' DLC - a label publisher Bohemia Interactive is using to promote add-on packs created by third-party studios - in this case, Savage Game Design. Previous entries under this label have included 2019's Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany, and CSLA Iron Curtain which is due out sometime this year. These can be thought of as a step above paid mod projects, an example of which would be what Firaxis did when they hired Long War Studios (the creators of the excellent XCOM mod The Long War) to make Long War 2 specifically for the launch of XCOM 2 back in 2016. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Arma 3's new DLC is a trip to the museum Arma 3 2.0 has arrived, and it's brought treats Arma 3's next DLC is a trip to 1980s Czechoslovakia

Rust news:

The Discovery Channel's Shark Week closes out for US viewers today, but not to worry - there's plenty more where that came from, at least if you're a Rust player. The survival game has a slew of new features on the horizon, and among them are a major underwater overhaul that adds sharks, as well as a couple tools for dealing with them. As yet, there are no images to share of Rust's sharks, but the intrepid Rust YouTuber Shadowfrax has a video that goes into a bit of detail about what's on the horizon in the next updates. He speculates that sharks will likely be restricted to specific areas in the ocean, and in any case, a great way to avoid sharks both in Rust and in real life is to simply stay on dry land. However, if you do find yourself face to snout with a shark, you'll want to have a nice speargun at your side. These are coming to Rust as well, and as Shadowfrax notes, they fill an important gap in Rust's arsenal by being fireable underwater. As you'll recall, this is where the sharks tend to be. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust due to get new wounded and recovery mechanics next update Rust skins - here are this week's new items Rust's June update brings a new contact system, AI, improved animals, and more
The Voice Props DLC pack is available today for $12.99! Blast out some music with the Boom Box, intimidate your neighbours with the Megaphone and Microphone Stand, phone a friend (or enemy, or stranger) with the Mobile Phone, and more. But because Rust is a hardcore PvP survival shooter, we also knew we needed to finally remedy its most obvious omission - a disco. This DLC pack includes a range of new items that allow you to record, stream, project and playback audio, as well as accessorize your base with some disco themed props. It also includes three new dance gestures and 7 achievements to unlock. Cassettes and Recordings Cassettes can store snippets of audio and can be used in a variety of ways. To record audio onto a Cassette, simply insert it into a Cassette Recorder and hit RMB to record. Cassettes come in 10, 20 and 30 second varieties. Once audio is recorded onto a Cassette you can press LMB to play it. You can also throw the Recorder with the Reload key, handy for sticking it on to vehicles or structures. If you'd like to not hear recorded audio (for streaming purposes) you can disable it in the Options menu. Boom Boxes If you want to play your audio on something with a bit more oomph you can use a Boom Box. Coming in both static and deployed versions, you can use a Boom Box to play both recorded audio on Cassettes and stream internet radio. To stream audio from the internet you’ll need to open the settings and select a channel. A few notes on this system: We recommend content creators turn off this feature (set Internet Audio Streams to Off in the Options menu) in order to not trigger any copyright/DCMA strikes Server Admins can add additional stations that might interest their players. Use the BoomBox.ServerValidStations convar to add stations (eg. BoomBox.ServerValidStations “Test Station,”) Deployed Boom Boxes can also be connected to other audio entities via the Audio Out IO port. Megaphone and Microphone Stand You can project your voice to friends and foes with the Megaphone and Microphone Stand. The Megaphone is a held entity that you can use while out and about. Hold LMB to activate it and broadcast your voice. While holding LMB you won’t need to press your push to talk key if push to talk is enabled. The Microphone Stand is a deployable version of the Megaphone that requires power. It has two different voice modes to modify your voice (squeaky and deep) and has an Audio Out IO port like the Boom Box to connect to other props in the DLC pack. Disco Props Give your base some late night disco vibes! Use the Disco Floor, Laser Light, Connected Speaker and Sound Light t...
Rust's July update has arrived, and it's bringing the noise. New DLC for Facepunch Studio's popular multiplayer survival game is a loud one, featuring audio cassettes you can use to make recordings, boom boxes for playing cassettes or streaming internet radio, and megaphones and microphones that amplify and modify your voice... Read more.
Updated Wounding System Players now go to a crawling state when wounded in most cases, instead of being fully incapacitated. They can move around slowly and use doors. They also get a bit more health than they used to in the old incapacitated state. This might allow you to move to relative safety. The older incapacitated wounded state still occurs in the following situations: If you get looted while in crawling wounded state. If you die from fall damage. If you crawl too deep into water. In both states you still have some chance to recover after the wounded timer runs out. By default right now the base value is a 20% chance while crawling and a 10% chance while incapacitated. But you now get up to a 25% bonus on top of that (so max 20 + 25 = 45% total) based on your food and water levels. Maximum food and water = full bonus. If the above check fails, but you have a large medkit in your belt (not just your inventory), the medkit will be used up and you won't get any health from it, but you will recover from being wounded. i.e. A medkit in a belt slot gives a 100% chance at recovery when the recovery timer runs out (you can still get killed while wounded by taking damage though). And if you're lucky enough that you pass the recovey check anyway, the medkit isn't used. There is one exception where the medkit revive doesn't happen: Fall damage. So you can't dive out of a helicopter with your trusty medkit for guaranteed survival. New console variables woundedrecoverchance (default 0.2): Base chance of recovery after crawling wounded state. incapacitatedrecoverchance (default 0.1): Base chance of recovery after incapacitated wounded state. woundedmaxfoodandwaterbonus (default 0.25): Maximum percent chance added to base .wounded/incapacitated recovery chance, based on the player's food and water level. crawlingminhealth (default 30): Minimum initial health given when a player dies and moves to crawling wounded state. crawlingmaxhealth (default 50): Maximum initial health given when a player dies and moves to crawling wounded state. Train Tunnel Entrance Improvements We've added a number of improvements to the train tunnel entrances. The bottom of the stairwells now have a circular stairwell piece that is used to align the stairwell to the train tunnel grid. This has the advantage that we no longer have to snap the entrance building to a specific rotation and position, which allows us to integrate them a lot nicer inside monuments. We're planning to move more tunnel entrances to building basements or inside static monument tunnels or sewers in the near future. While we implemented these circular stairwells we also addressed an issue that was forcing the stairwells and elevator shafts to be extremely long, which led to boring elevator rides down to the train tunnels. This is now addre...
Rust is getting some big shake-ups to how wounding and recovery work in its next big patch. Rust YouTuber Shadowfrax has been digging into the multiplayer survival game's development and revealed that a new crawling mechanic should be on its way in the coming update, which will add a whole new element of gameplay - and chance - to getting downed. As Rust's next forced wipe is coming July 1, we should be getting a new batch of gameplay updates soon, and - while things are subject to change - crawling should be bundle in with them.. As Shadowfrax highlights, these changes are pretty significant and complex in some ways, but essentially Rust will now have two wounded states: the existing incapacitated one - in which you're stuck lying on the ground unable to, well, do anything, really - and a new, crawling state that'll give you a bit of a better chance of surviving post-wounding. You'll be reduced to crawling if your health drops to zero by most means following the changes (falling from a massive height not included). Unlike incapacitation, this version of being wounded lets you move about and open doors - though slowly, of course - and tops up your health a little more. It also offers a higher chance of recovery than the alternative, though it's naturally not guaranteed - and if someone decides to start picking your pockets while you're on all fours, you'll get incapacitated anyway. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust skins - here are this week's new items Rust's June update brings a new contact system, AI, improved animals, and more Rust may be getting more underwater environments, voice DLC
To mark the start of the Steam Summer Sale we've given the Store page a sprucing up and also added an awesome new trailer which you can view below ... We're also bringing you a massive 50% discount on Rust and all DLC's so now is the time to get your friends onto your team or grab yourself the Instruments Pack or the summer themed Sunburn Pack The sale will run from June 24th until July 8th.
Nvidia is bringing DLSS—Deep Learning Super Sampling—to Rust early next month, along with a bundle of other games... Read more.


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