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FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Arma 3 Creator Bootcamp, Dev-Branch Activity PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION We're preparing for an exciting week as our Arma 3 Creator Bootcamp is about to start tomorrow! Meanwhile, there have also been some updates to Arma 3's Dev-Branch, and we've collected a broad collection of community content to share with you in this SITREP. So let's dive straight in! Full SITREP
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: 5th Armaversary, Team Changes PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION We're experiencing lots of rainy days in the Czech Republic but that does not stop the Arma 3 team from rolling on. Besides working on new content, updates, and making plans for the future, we're also processing some development team changes and welcoming new team members. Full SITREP
This is the second in our three-part series about how developers are figuring out the future of PvP. Find the first part, on Destiny 2's Gambit mode, here. The final part will be published tomorrow.  Roleplaying is as old as gaming itself. After all, one of the attractions of playing is getting to do things that you can't in real life. And where better to live a separate life than in an online game? And thus from MUDs to Second Life to World of Warcraft, roleplaying is a fundamental part of online gaming culture.  But RP has generally existed in parallel with online PvP games. That's exactly what you'd expect, right? RP is about freedom of expression, of open environments in which you can choose how to act, while PvP is about conforming to tight rules in the name of competition.  And yet over the past few years RP and PvP have been growing closer together, with elements from each being pulled from one into the other, particularly in games made in Garry's Mod and Bohemia's Arma series. "I played a lot of first-person shooters, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, stuff like that, and then I got into Arma 2, which was focused on military simulation," says TAWTonic, creator of Altis Life, a leading RP mod for Arma 3. He liked Arma for its modding capability, and having played an Arma 2 RP mod, he figured he could make a better one for Arma 3. Altis Life uses Arma 3's huge Altis map as the stage for a cops and robbers game. If you choose to play as a civilian, you get a job, buy a car, and decide if you're going to toe the line or not. As police, you'll enforce the law, which extends to every aspect of the game, from licences to drive cars, fly helicopters and pilot boats, to parking tickets, to homicides. "We always found that newcomers to the game focused very much on the roleplaying aspect," says John VanderZwet, who worked in ‘friendly competition' with TAWTonic on a second branch of Altis Life called Asylum. "There's just something fun and interesting about being tossed into a world with a hundred other players with the freedom to do what you like."  In that meeting of online worlds, of RP and PvP, come more opportunities which could point towards new expressions of pure competitive play. "It's not restrictive like, say, battle royale where you jump out of a plane, fly down, get a gun, you run and kill people," says TAWTonic. "PUBG has a fixed objective, and that's the same for a lot of games, and what draws people into RP games is that you can play them however you want." But there are rules. "People look for freedom but they still need the boundaries to set them in place so they have an idea of what they can do," says TAWTonic. Some of those rules are naturally posed by the theme, so as a civilian you'll decide whether you're going to break the law.  Asylum features more of a PvP focus ... As of today, September 12th, it’s been 5 years since Arma 3 officially released out of Steam Early Access. Naturally, that calls for a celebration! A lot can happen over a period of 5 years. And, looking back, that’s certainly been the case with Arma 3. As a result of more than 70 platform updates, Arma 3 has become a very different animal compared to the original 1.0 version. There have been tons of tweaks and additions. Many of those have been so profound that now we couldn’t imagine living without, such as the 3D Scenario Editor. During its fourth anniversary, we shared a retrospective that charted our adventure until then, and earlier this year we posted an infographic with some of Arma 3's achievements and most impressive stats. For today’s milestone, we’ve prepared a timeline video that covers each of our key release milestones thus far. Click on the play button below for a quick trip down memory lane! But that’s not all. Since Arma 3 has played such a major role in many of our lives these past five years, we wanted to create some unique physical memorabilia. Starting today, the Bohemia Store offers a limited number of 5 Years of Arma 3 Collector’s Packs. These are composed of true collector’s items: a hoodie, a soldier's salute laser crystal, and a printed map of Altis & Stratis. Additionally, we have a special t-shirt on sale. Find out more at and place your order while stock lasts. For those who have not yet enlisted for Arma 3 or have yet to pick up some of the DLC packs, we’re also hosting a special anniversary sale. You can get the Arma 3 base game and many of its DLC, including the Arma 3 Apex expansion, at up to 66% off. Reaping the benefits from 5+ years of post-release development, and with new content and updates still on the way, now is as good a time as any to jump into one of PC’s must-have military games. Finally, we know that as the game has evolved, most of everyone’s personal lives evolved, too. Since 2013, you might have finished your studies or started a new job. You may have moved to a new place and made some new friends. Perhaps you even got married and/or had kids. Or you've experienced some other defining life events. It makes it extra amazing to realize that, throughout all this, Arma 3 has remained such a bustling platform with one of the most loyal communities in gaming. You’re the absolute best of the best. Thank you for these 5 splendid years of Arma
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Gamescom Recap, Diagnostics PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION Our gamescom task force has recovered and we're now processing all the feedback our developers have received from visitors. Besides that, we have an important Armaversary coming up tomorrow, and we've prepared a few fun things in celebration. Stay tuned! Full SITREP
For a constantly updated list of our favorite games on PC, check out our list of the best PC games right now.  Every year, the PC Gamer team embarks on an epic quest to choose the top 100 PC games. Where previously we voted for our favourite games, this year we talked: discussing each of our nominations and deciding which games should make the list. The result is a more honest, considered reflection of our conflicting tastes and opinions as PC gamers. This list represents what we think are the greatest PC games you can play today. We wanted to celebrate the breadth and variety of PC gaming, and so, for the most part, have restricted ourselves to one game per series. You'll also find a selection of personal picks: games we individually love that didn't quite make the cut. Enjoy! If you're looking for a list of the games that helped shape PC gaming as we know it, try the 50 most important PC games of all time. 100. Path of Exile RELEASED 2013 | LAST POSITION New entry Steven Messner: Path of Exile has quietly become one of the best action RPGs around thanks to its almost incomprehensible depth and wildly different seasonal leagues, where whole new systems are introduced. But the best part is its character customisation and spell crafting system. Path of Exile encourages players to make marauders who let spell totems do all the killing for them, witches who melt hordes with a fiery beam, or duelists that cover every inch of the map in a deadly rain of arrows. 99. Twisted Insurrection RELEASED 2010 | LAST POSITION New entry John Strike: Tiberian Sun's best mod brazenly shames the original Firestorm expansion in almost every way. It’s bigger and bolder, offering new buildings, a whole fleet of new units and even a new faction. There’s a completely new musical score and dozens of single player missions, some of which are based on the original Command & Conquer. Not only are new missions and units still being added, but, as a standalone free download, it's the most accessible way to play one of C&C's greats. 98. Killing Floor 2 RELEASED 2016 | LAST POSITION 81 Evan Lahti: There are disturbingly few places in video games where I can cut an evil clown in half with a quad-barrelled shotgun. Killing Floor 2 is the world’s greatest gore effects system laid atop an enjoyable skeleton. Hordes of monsters trickle into the map, magnetized to your position, and you mulch them with buzzsaw-spitters, incendiary shotguns, rocket launchers, or a microwave cannon that heats enemies from the inside until they burst. The dynamic slow-mo system adds so much, dampening the chaos just enough—granting extra moments to take aim or take in the sight of an intestine flying across the screen. Tripwire is a skilled digital gunsmith, and the detail lent to particle effects and reload animations holds up wonderfully even under the scrutiny of these plentiful, slowed-down sequences. I also love that KF2 doesn&#x...
FROM: BattlEye TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch ACTIVITY: Anti-Cheat Update SIZE: ~6.5 MB
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Gamescom 2018, Community Spotlight PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION This week is all about the gamescom conference for Bohemia Interactive. While a fine selection of our staff is already in Cologne and welcoming people to the Bohemia Booth, let's take a look at the news from the Arma community! Full SITREP
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: Encore Update, Updated Tools & Experimental Ports PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION Last Wednesday was another big one for us and our community thanks to the release of Arma 3's 81st platform update, also known as the Encore Update or Update 1.84. Since its release we've been collecting your feedback - and we'll try to respond to potential issues as quickly as possible. Full SITREP
Bohemia Interactive has released a new "Encore Update," technically known as update 1.84, to its realistic military FPS Arma 3. The update adds two new SAM and radar systems, anti-radiation missiles and small-diameter guided bombs, and the pièce de résistance, the USS Liberty, a static, placeable destroyer with detailed interiors and new naval fire-support options that can launch and recover helicopters and smaller ships.  Created by Jets DLC co-developer Bravo Zero One studios, the update also makes numerous adjustments to all existing Arma 3 scenarios and campaigns, to ensure that older content (Arma 3 has been around since 2013, remember) "makes optimal use of the assets and gameplay features" that have been added over the past few years. The full changelog is available at and includes such tidbits as "Penetration materials of the industrial shed were adjusted," "The Car-95 GL reload sound was incorrect," and, let's see, "The next target action no longer skips targets if the missile has manual control or autoseek enabled." That's a very Arma-sounding bug indeed.    Bohemia recommended verifying the local game cache in Steam to avoid corrupted data after the download is updated, and you should probably defrag your hard drive (just don't defrag your SSD). It also clarified that the Encore Update is separate from the "Old Man" single-player scenario announced in June, which will be out later this year and free for everyone. 

Rust news: We've released an update which enables a bunch of Halloween content. This content will be live until the next patch on November 1st. You'll find some new NPCs which drop all sorts of Halloween goodies, from graveyard fences to loot bags and coffins. There are also some Halloween themed items for sale on the Rust Item Store, check them out Here Enjoy! Note: If the strobe light is bothering you, you can press F1 and enter "strobelight.forceoff 1" in the console to ensure they remain off View Post
The Cargo Ship Update has brought a big, noisy boat to the shores of Rust, and it's filled with useful loot and heavily-armed scientists who'd really rather you kept your hands off of it.    The ship, the CCSC Lazarus, will appear as a "periodic server event" that occurs every 2-to-4 in-game days. It will approach the island to a distance of about 200 meters, at which point you can ride out to it on a boat of your own and climb aboard via one of the ladders hanging down its side. At that point, you'll have to clear the defenders, hack two locked crates, and defend the ship while you're waiting for them to pop.    One further complication: Everyone else on the server can hear the boat "from kilometers away" and see it on the map, and that could possibly open the door to opportunistic behavior on the part of unscrupulous competitors. Not that we'd expect something like that to happen in Rust, right? Best to be cautious, though—better safe than sorry.  Oh, and there's a spot of radioactive waste on board as well. Once your radiation alarm goes off, it's time to go.  The update also brings a new bolt-action rifle, the L96, with "extreme projectile velocity and range with very little damage drop off or bullet drop," making it particularly effective when paired with a scope. Speaking of which, there's also a new 8X rifle scope, a few different types of new gloves (including Tactical Gloves that eliminate aim sway), an additional clothing slot, and a handful of tweaks and optimizations.    Rust's "Cargo Ship Update" is live now. Full details can be had at
A naked man stands before a tumultuous shore. Shivering, he surveys for trees or heads to bash. There’s more than way to make a fire. He turns, prey in sight – as a foghorn shatters silence and concentration. The man’s rock falls to his side, and the ship comes into view. There’s a big boat in Rust now. And also a new gun and some gloves. (more…) All aboard! The Cargo Ship event is live. The CCSC Lazarus patrols the waters, packed with Scientists and loot. We've also added the L96 rifle, a new scope, tactical gloves, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy! View Post Changes Added Cargo Ship Event New navigation technology for Scientists to move on a moving Cargo Ship. Added ability to turn monument lights only during a time frame Added parented entity movement Added custom LOD support for moving objects Added Burlap Gloves Added Roadsign Gloves Added Tactical Gloves Added L96 Added 8x Scope Scientist on the bridge outside of Military Tunnel is not as accurate with his pistol. Scientists at Military Tunnel has slightly lower health. Scientists at Military Tunnel throw grenades in more situations. Optimized shadow rendering on most monuments Disabled tree impostor shadows due to Unity gfx jobs related crash Optimized OC dynamic occludee processing Greatly reduced corn and pumpkins fruiting life length Extra clothing slot Can zoom out farther on map Fixed motion blur and culling-related popping issues on dynamic occludees Fixed hazmat/scientist suits motion blur issues at a distance Respawn timers for Scientists at Military Tunnel are now fixed. Fixed addtoteam forcing players to team without accepting invite Fixed Hapis MT puzzle breaking Fixed vending machine breaking when placed on wooden foundations Fixed metal shopfront exploit Fixed garage door blocking placement of triangle floors Pyramids, castles, submarines, and more. View Post Mazes, art, custom maps, and more. View Post Ape maps, chemists, addiction, and more. View Post Floating islands, slingshots, giant crystals, and more. View Post We took this month to focus heavily on performance, with lots of optimization. Let us know how we did. We also have a look at some upcoming additions: a new boat event, slot machines, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy! View Post Changes Scientists at Military Tunnel throw grenades. Scientists at Military Tunnel use syringes. Workshop skins are now included in the main game download Added prefab warmup to loading screen Added new prefab pooling system Added "Max Tree Meshes" graphics option Added ladder trigger for custom maps Added high frame rate camera movement Added Smoke Grenade item Added "Hide Sign" option Added multi-threaded rendering Added occlusion culling graphics option Added new optimized impostor rendering Scientists at Military Tunnel hear footsteps, explosions and gunfire. Scientists at Military Tunnel use a new aim system. Scientists at Military Tunnel use a new, more reactive, sensory system. Optimized asset bundles Optimized loot panels Fixed various skin icon issues Optimized various dynamic memory allocations Health over time takes longer to convert into health Optimized mesh LOD updates Reorganized graphics and performance settings Optimized low level memory pool Pumpkin and corn now stackable to 10 Removed pumpkin condition Workbenches now decay after a long period BBQ allows deployables underneath Repair Bench allows deployables on shelve Pumpkins and corns give less seeds when consumed Atmosphere volumes now visible from outside Bandit Camp Optimized some rendering related dynamic memory allocations Optimized localized ambience system Scientists at Military Tunnel stay engaged with enemies. Scientists at Military Tunnel now reload in cover. Bandit guards now aggro smoke grenade throwers. Bandit guards shoot better at long range. Bandit guards now kill sleeping players after 20 minutes. Recycler at bandit town is now better protected by bandit guards. Junkpile scientists fire their pistol instead of just fleeing. Animals now roam in a restricted distance from where they spawned. Fixed entities sometimes showing wrong skins Fixed stall during ocean patrol point generation on some custom maps Fixed Nametag Performance issue Fixed workbench phrases Fixed passing loot through floor using BBQ exploit Fixed Snow jacket name Fixed RHIB disappearing on server restarts Fixed rowboat becoming invisible Fixed invisible supply signal smoke Fixed being able to turn recycler on/off if you are not the user Fixed boats decaying while in use Fixed tree impostor shadow orientation Fixed terrain texture not resized on graphics quality change Fixed smoke grenade issues with glass windows Fixed censor cube glitches around smoke grenade Frame-rate stutter caused by ambience sound emitter removal Removed world reflection quality as it is currently not supported Removed "MoveToContainer failed!" message Deprecated navmesh grid system removed. The most ridiculous custom build we've ever seen, a deep dive into the Legacy map remake, a real-life Compound Bow, and more. View Post


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