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FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: 1.90 RC-Branch, SITREP Frequency, Community Radar PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION With 2018 done and dusted, we're ready for another splendid year of Arma 3. In this first SITREP of 2019, we'll discuss some of the changes to our future Situation Reports, take a look at some of the community content that emerged over the past few weeks, and talk a little bit about the planned 1.90 update. Full SITREP
FROM: BattlEye TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch ACTIVITY: Anti-Cheat Update SIZE: ~7.6 MB
Operation: Trebuchet, a Halo mod for Arma 3, is taking the Halo universe back in time. Set during the titular conflict between the UNSC and insurrectionists, before the arrival of the Covenant, it focuses on regular soldiers and rebels rather than the superhuman Spartans and aliens we're used to. Like Arma 3, it looks a lot more grounded than a typical Halo romp, but judging by the impressive new trailer, there's still plenty of sizzle. Check it out above.  We've not seen much of upcoming official game yet—you can read everything we know about Halo: Infinite, so far—but I confess that I'm more intrigued by delving into Halo’s past from the perspective of a regular person. Well, a regular person who still has access to futuristic weaponry and fancy, heavily-armed vehicles.  The team has been working on the mod for a couple of years now, and while it's still in alpha, you can download it now and take it for a spin.  At the moment, it adds Halo-themed gear and vehicles, among other things, into Arma 3, but if you want to use them in missions, you'll need to make your own or hunt down some mission mods.  You can grab it on the Steam Workshop. Holiday R&R is here, but stay frosty! Conduct combined arms attacks by land, sea, and air in PC's premier military sandbox. Conquer large-scale terrains in the new Warlords MP mode. Get Arma 3 and its DLC for up to 66% off in the Steam Winter Sale! Click here for a full overview of all discounted Arma 3 DLC packs. We wish everyone happy and fun holidays with their new game(s)!
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Hotfix #2 1.88 (Warlords Improvements, In-Game Server Browser Fix) SIZE: ~53.6 MB / ~17.9 MB More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: 2018 Highlights, Warlords Update, Community Activity PRECEDENCE: Flash SITUATION We've entered the holiday season, but before our team gets ready for their yearly R&R, we're happy to deliver one last SITREP in 2018. In this report, we'll briefly review some of Arma 3's milestones this year, discuss last week's deployment of the Warlords Update, talk about the current status of the Linux/Mac Experimental Ports, and share some of the recent community activity that came up on our radar. Full SITREP
FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users UNIT: Main Branch (Windows) ACTIVITY: Hotfix 1.88 (Multiplayer Compatibility Fixes) SIZE: ~38.7 MB / ~17.8 MB More in the full changelog and SPOTREP
A free update to the first-person military shooter Arma 3 has added a new large-scale competitive multiplayer mode called Warlords. First and foremost, it is not a battle royale: Instead, it puts NATO and CSAT teams in bases on opposite sides of the map, from where they must conquer AI-controlled sectors, chain them together into a route across the island, and then launch an assault on the enemy base.  Players who do well in battle will be rewarded with Command Points, which can be used to call in vehicles, AI-controlled reinforcements, better weapons and gear, or for "strategic advantages" like fast travel or sector scans. Command Points are earned by killing enemies and taking control of sectors, and sectors will also generate points for whichever team controls them. The new mode is clearly focused on competitive multiplayer combat, but players can also opt to team up on one side to do battle with the AI, and it can be played solo as well, with AI handling friendly and enemy forces alike.  Senior scripter and designer Josef Zemánek explained in a November update that Warlords is rooted in "Capture the Island," a scenario released in 2003 for Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the game that would spawn the long-running Arma series. But Warlords foregoes some familiar elements of CTI, including base building and player progression, both of which he felt would get in the way of his vision for the mode.  "The reasoning behind these decisions is simple: you join the game, you know what to do, where to go, and who to attack in order to push towards the enemy base," he wrote. "You know where to go and defend to prevent the enemy from getting to your base. And how well you perform depends only on your skill and not your rank."  Warlords has been added to Arma 3 as part of the 1.86 update, which also includes integration of the ADR-97 Weapon Pack into the vanilla game, improved multiplayer security, five new playable characters "with heads of notable Bohemia developers," and an array of fixes and tweaks. The full patch notes are yours to enjoy at
Arma 3 might be in the tail-end of its time, but there’s life left in the old military sandbox. Today, Bohemia Interactive rolled out Warlords, a free new multiplayer mode based on fan-favourite Capture The Island. Two teams (or one against AI, or just a solo player, even) start in bases on opposite sides of one of Arma 3’s big maps. Between them lie towns and bases populated by neutral enemy NPCs. Clear out camps, capture territory and gain resources to spend on new units and push further into enemy lands until one home base falls. A trailer for the new mode is below. (more…)
Arma 3 Warlords Update is live Large-scale competitive multiplayer mode, ADR-97 Weapon Pack, and more Today we've released a free update for Arma 3, which introduces a new competitive multiplayer mode called “Warlords”. A trailer video explains the mode’s basic concept in the form of a military briefing. In Warlords, there are two competing teams, and their goal is to capture the base of the opposite side. Players start the match by joining either the NATO or CSAT faction. Both teams then need to start conquering sectors across the map, belonging to non-player AI forces from the AAF faction. By establishing a chain of linked sectors, opponents can plan a route from their own base to their enemy's base. Once they reach their destination, they can stage an assault against the opposing side’s base to win the game. During the match, players can also earn Command Points. The better an individual's performance on the battlefield and the more sectors held by their team, the greater number of points they will have available to them. These can be used to request airdrops with additional vehicles, special weapons, superior gear, friendly AI reinforcements, or strategic advantages such as fast travel and sector scans. Besides the Warlords multiplayer mode, Update 1.86 also incorporates the ADR-97 weapon pack (which originally served as an official showcase mod) directly into the base game. That means players, but also content creators and server hosts, can make use of this family of weapons without needing to be subscribed to the mod on the Steam Workshop. Furthermore, the update adds characters to the game with special heads modeled after five prominent Arma developers. These are the result of an R&D project to test Bohemia’s new photogrammetry rig and the related workflow. This system should help to make the process of texturing faces and modeling head shapes more detailed and efficient for Bohemia's future games. The 1.86 platform update, also referred to as the Warlords Update, is now available for free for everyone who owns Arma 3. The complete changelog can be found on the Arma 3 website. For those who want to learn more about our plans for Arma 3 in the next year(s), be sure to check out the recently posted Roadmap 2018 Update devblog. Good luck out there - may the best team win!

Rust news: Lots of tutorials, including how to make a lighthouse; a cartoon, RP, and more. Go to post. A new player record, awesome builds, incredible contraptions, and more. Go to post. A brief update as we get back to work. Go to post. Changelog Fixed snowmachine blocking cave entrances Fixed upkeep consuming more resources than intended Removed large double caves Removed Christmas events Xmas builds, electric contraptions, the most relaxing Rust video ever, and more. Go to post. Santa comes to Rust, and everyone gets presents! Go to post. Changelog Enabled Christmas content EAC SDK update Fixed some M39 sounds not playing Batteries have less capacity but higher charge efficiency Fixed batteries not being able to be wired in series Batteries must have at least 5 seconds of juice to begin discharging Root combiner can be chained with other root combiners Added short circuit detection to root combiner Lowered solar panel power output to 20 Solar panel power output scaled by health Fixed branch/combiner showing the title 'blocker' when aimed at Updated and improved a few electrical item descriptions Updated ceiling light sounds to be less loud and annoying Fixed broken monument puzzles Bucket Helmet cost reduction Removed Charitable Rust Jerry Can Fix for workshop ADS simulation Fixed Force-Feature exploit Celebrating Rust's 5th birthday with contraptions, art, and more. Thanks for playing! Go to post.
It's been five years since Rust arrived, treating players to dangling dongs, rampaging bears, and a ruthless multiplayer survival experience. To celebrate this anniversary, a big, world-altering update is now live. Electricity has been added to the mix of tree-chopping, rock-breaking, gun-crafting, base-building, and (recently) hot-air ballooning. Also, you can now wear underpants. The Electric Anniversary, as it's called, is now live and contains a number of electrical components: batteries, switches, pressure pads, splitters, timers, and other various odds-and-ends that will allow players to use electricity to power lights, automation, clocks, CPUs, defenses, traps, and god knows what else. Power generation is currently (ha ha, current) supplied by solar panels and windmills. Here's a nice video from Rustafied to introduce you to the basics. Along with the exciting new electrical components, the update adds an M39 rifle, provides an overhaul to how bows work, brings some improvements to the cargo ships, and as I said earlier, adds underwear. This last item (called a censorship option in the devlog) should be helpful for streamers who are penalized for showing bare butts, wangs, boobs, and muffs while playing the game for others. Finally, in a post on Facepunch, Garry Newman delivered some stats about Rust's development. In five years, Rust has sold 7,457,075 copies, grossing $110,313,646, which includes bundles, DLC, and in-game sales. Its highest concurrent player count was 71,801, just this past month following the balloon update. It's also sold over 4 million skins, and the creators of those skins have earned nearly $2 million combined from those sales. That's some shockingly (electricity, get it?) good news. Celebrating Rust's 5th anniversary with a huge update: electricity is here, enabling players to build elaborate defensive contraptions and other amazing devices. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy! Go to post. Changelog Added electricity Added 17 electrical components Added Wire Tool Added M39 Scientist movement is slower when walking sideways or backward. Scientists at the Cargo Ship should no longer move super fast under certain conditions. Fixed some anti-hack issues that could cause projectile_invalid Fixed hot air balloon push through object exploits Fixed ore spawn issues on custom maps with certain biome distributions Fixed melee anti-hack issues when parented to vehicles Fixed HAB not deflating under some circumstances Junkpile scientists got updated to new AI systems. Scientists at the Military Tunnel Lab got updated to new AI systems. Scientists hug cover more but can get frustrated. New AI systems are now properly load balanced without sacrificing reaction time. Exposed NPC vending machines to SDK prefab list Added ocean_patrol_path_iterations convar Particle effects on the cargo ship now simulate in local space All elevators in the game now use entity parenting triggers All elevators in the game now have a kill trigger to crush players with Added tick_populations and tick_individuals resource spawn convars Overhauled hunting bow (better responsiveness) Added underwear censorship option Can place ladders anywhere on the cargo ship Storage boxes drop their items at the last position they took damage at Electrical base defenses, maps, raid cams, and more. Electric contraptions, cool maps, great art, Rust's Wild West, and more. View Post


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